Welcome to The Seafood Bar!

We would like to introduce you to our office team!

Fons de Visscher – Owner

Fons is the founding father of The Seafood Bar. After being a fishmonger in Brabant for almost 30 years he decided to do something completely different. He moved to Amsterdam and opened our first restaurant on the van Baerlestraat.. and the rest is history 🙂 Fons is a leading figure of the Seafood Bar culture: we are an informal, easy to access company but with high standards when it comes to hospitality.

Want to know his favorite fish? The lekkerbek ofcourse!

Fleur de Visscher – Co-owner

Fleur is Fons’ daughter and also co-owner of the company. From the beginning she has been a great support in managing our kitchen squads and everything that has to do with our lovely seafood. Besides that, she does a lot of work behind the scenes, concerning for example the menus, taking care of operational issues, doing management meetings, opening new branches etc.

Fleur is a true fish-specialist and also an excellent herring cutter 😉

Pepijn de Visscher – Co-owner

Pepijn is Fons’ son, and he too is co-owner of the company. Pepijn is a big dreamer and he wants to build a Seafood Empire. After having had his own company for a little while, he decided to join forces with his dad and sister to really make this family-owned company complete. Pepijn also works mostly behind the scenes and is usually busy making new plans, organizing events, taking care of legal issues and last but not least making sure our teams are still happy to work for us.

Anne Wijnants – Heeremans – Financial Manager

Anne manages our financial department. She is a number-freak in the good sense of the word. She makes sure that all our bills are paid on time and your salary is paid when it should be. She has a big responsibility taking care of all the financial issues that our different branches have. Most importantly, Anne is always happy, you never see her without a smile on her face! And she loves to eat good food (a lot) 😉

Yariv Aram – Head of technical services

Karlijn Vissers – Chief Operations Officer

Karlijn is also a real happy camper, she always brings cheer to the office. She’s our chief of operations. This means she can be found in our restaurants & shop a lot, she always makes sure that everything goes as it should. Whenever anyone needs her, she’s there and she makes sure that the issue is taken care of. Together with the owners Karlijn discusses all operational issues and they make plans for the future. She’s a big music-fan and an extremely good cook!

Nico van Leeuwen – Finance & IT

Nico made a great start with managing the Customer Service team. By now Nico has shown us his talent for IT, digits and documentation, so he also became part of the back-office team by supporting our finance department and managing our IT related business. We’re really happy with Nico in our team, he’s so much fun!

Susan Valkenburg  – HR Manager

Femke Theissen – HR support


Celine Hartwich – Marketing Manager

Van Baerlestraat 5H, Amsterdam

Jay Greenslade – General Manager

TBA – Chef

Spui 15, Amsterdam

Francisco Duarte – General Manager

Joyce van de Rovaart – Kitchen manager

Ferdinand Bolstraat 32H, Amsterdam

Francisco Duarte – General Manager

Joyce van de Rovaart – Kitchen manager

Stationsplein 22, Utrecht

Tobias van Pel – General Manager

Olaf Mittendorff – Chef

Damrak 213, Amsterdam

Anouk Vellinga – General Manager

Theo Deschan – Chef

77 Dean Street, Soho, London

Caroline Flint – General Manager

TBA – Chef