Sustainable seafood is our top priority. Eating seafood is great, but only if the fish stocks stay well and our beautiful planet remains healthy

Seafood - Best Choice

Together with our suppliers, we choose the best available fish from sustainable and
innovative fisheries, to ensure that livestocks are maintained. Our menu continues to have a strong focus on shellfish, which is known for having a minimal impact on our planet.


Like in most fish restaurants, we offer bottles of mineral water. The disadvantage of this, is that its transport produces CO2, which is unnecessary as the quality of Dutch tap water is excellent. Therefore, since 2019, we have our own water purification machine (Purezza) in all our Dutch restaurants.

Green energy

At the start of 2018, all of our restaurants switched to running on wind energy. And our restaurant in Utrecht is using zero gas. It’s just another way we are committed to helping our planet.


We want our seas and oceans to be as healthy as possible and that means making them plastic-free. So, we have replaced almost all of the plastic packaging in our restaurants to paper, including the plastic wrapping on wet napkins.

Zero waste policy

At The Seafood Bar we have a zero waste policy. As soon as we notice that there is an excess of seafood in one restaurant, we will exchange this with another one of our restaurants rather than letting it go to waste.

Good Fish Foundation

We’re a partner of the Good Fish Foundation. We use both their and the Marine Conservation Society’s databases to verify the sustainability of our products.