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Founder and owner: Fons de Visscher

De Visscher family

Fons de Visscher was a respected fishmonger for 27 years in Helmond; a small city in The Netherlands, when he sold his fish-shop and decided to start a new adventure. He moved to Amsterdam with his wife, and he was driven by his passion for fish and great wines. Fons created The Seafood Bar which he opened in 2012 in the Van Baerlestraat. This started as a combination between an epicurean fish traiteur and a restaurant.

After a few months the restaurant became so popular, they decided to completely change it into a fish-restaurant. A fish-restaurant that has set a new standard in terms of freshness, taste, service and design. Meanwhile there are three restaurants in Amsterdam (Van Baerlestraat, Spui and Ferdinand Bolstraat) and one in Utrecht (Stationsplein). Besides that, the love for selling fresh fish never left. Therefore, in 2017 Fons opened his own fish-shop in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Founder and owners: Fons, Fleur en Pepijn de Visscher

What's our secret?

The concept is very simple: incredibly fresh products, no overdone prices. In short, good food and drinks. But the real success lies in the dedication of the De Visscher family – 100% heart for the business, 24 hours a day. With attention for the guests and an eye for every detail. That spirit also reflects itself in the now more than 250 motivated and committed employees.

Sustainability is very important to the family. Together with the suppliers they try to select MSC- and MSA- certified fish whenever possible. 

Benoemd in

Financial Times: It might also become something of a Soho institution.

The Guardian: Soho’s new seafood place will soon have you hooked

NRC: Één van de lekkerste restaurants in Utrecht

GOOP: It should come as no surprise that the must-orders here are the fruits de mer seafood plates, but the fried cod and simple grilled fish dishes are also excellent.

Your Little Black Book: For years, The Seafood Bar has been the ideal place for an evening out, where you can dine for a long time and enjoy unique, fresh dishes. The latest addition to the Damrak will undoubtedly go a step further.

Lonely Planet: Stunning tiling and white-painted timber make this a stylish spot to dine. Sustainable seafood includes line-caught fish, Volendam smoked eel, North Sea crab and Texel razor clams; platters arrive on beds of crushed ice

Iamsterdam:  The Seafood Bar’s varied fare is invariably super fresh, featuring seasonal catches, and (most importantly) really, really tasty

Amsterdam Foodie: You can’t really go wrong with a huge platter of fruits de mer and a bottle of chilled Sancerre so long as the seafood is unfailingly fresh

Barts Boekje: Bij The Seafood Bar niets dan lekkers, én alles zo duurzaam mogelijk. 


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