Nordic Blu

The world's most sustainable farmed salmon
The most sustainable farmed salmon
grotere zalm

Green - Best Choice

Nordic Blu is salmon farmed in the Nordic Skjerstad Fjord by the families Wenberg en Øksheim. The respected seafood authority Seafood Watch®️ does extensive research to farming methods and its ecological impact. They rated Nordic Blu's farming solution the highest: Green - Best Choice (report).
The result is the very best salmon with an incredible taste.

Together towards an improved supply chain

At this point Nordic Blu is unavailable in the Netherlands, and for some time we've been trying to get it here. Yet to make transportation viable, we need a minimum amount of 825kg. That's why we're looking for 825 people that want to buy 1kg!

The salmon is frozen and can be kept up to 3 months in the freezer. We'll inform you by email regarding the exact delivery date. We deliver in the Netherlands, excluding the islands.

Status batch #2

Delivery scheduled for early May

For questions we're available at 085 130 4342 or

Research criteria

Seafood Watch®️ uses the following criteria in their research: Impact on habitat, use of antibiotics, feed, health, escapes into the wild, impact on wildlife and the escape of secundary species. Visit their report for more information. Seafood Watch doesn't name Nordic Blu directly, but instead refers to Skjerstad Fjord. Only Nordic Blue salmon is farmed in Skjerstad Fjord. Or check the full list, with on page 64 'Skjerstad fjord' and the highest score: 7.17



No time to cook? Make sure the salmon defrosts in the fridge, then put it for 10-12 minutes in the oven with olive oil, pepper, salt and garlic. Make sure it stays pink on the inside. Or try this oven dish from